The Wizard of Wonderland, usually just called The Wizard, is the main villain of the third Care Bears movie The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland. Though not based on any particular character from Lewis Carol's original novel, he does take over the lead antagonist role usually associated with the Queen of Hearts. He is a tall, lanky man wearing black and red robes with a large mantle and checkerboard pattern running down the middle with a tall miter hat. As the crafty court magician and royal adviser to the queen, he yearns to become the king of Wonderland, and is willing to take any underhanded steps to achieve his goal, including kidnapping the current Princess. Together with his henchmen Dim and Dum, he attempts to stop the Care Bears from both finding the real princess and using a girl named Alice as a substitute to stop his coronation. In other languages:German: Der böse Zauberer ("The Evil Wizard")

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