The Beldam "Other Mother"

The Beldam, also known as "the Other Mother", is the main antagonist in the 2009 stop-motion animated film Coraline.

She initially appears as a normal and nicer version of Coraline's mother, albeit with button eyes. When Coraline enters the Beldam's world, she is waiting for her with delicious meals and promises of games. When Coraline asks to go to bed, the Other Mother tucks her head and says 'See you soon'.

Sure enough, Coraline returns to the world two more times. On the third visit, the button-eyed mother tells her she can stay forever if she allows her to sew buttons onto Coraline's eyes. Coraline refuses, and the Beldam's true colors are steadily revealed. The initially pleasing world becomes scary and imprisoning, and the Beldam transforms into a spindly, witchlike version of herself. When Coraline refuses love or chocolates, she locks the girl into a mirror and tells her 'you can come out when you've learned to be a loving daughter'.

The Beldam is a mysterious creature who creates ideal worlds for children and appears as a motherly figure. After showering them with gifts and affection, she convinces them to stay forever with the use of buttons on the eyes. It is implied that she either has no interest in the children other then as food, but it is also possible she wanted something to love that wasn't her. Eventually, she gets bored or tired of the children, and drains them of their souls.

When Coraline escaped, the Other Mother kidnapped her real parents in retalition and to lure Coraline back. Sure enough, Coraline returns and the Beldam locks her in the other world. She agrees to a game of Coraline's choice, and allows her to look for the souls of the children she's already consumed. The three souls are in three different locations, each hidden in plain sight and a part of the wonders she made for Coraline. The Beldam twists the other world into a nightmarish version of itself in an attempt to stop Coraline, but ultimately fails.

When Coraline returns to the house to find her parents, the Beldam is waiting. Her monstrous form is truly revealed, with a spiderlike body, claws made of sewing needles and pale, cracked skin. She intimidates Coraline and tries to stop her from leaving, but Coraline tricks her into opening the doorway. When the door is opened, Coraline throws the cat at her, which ends up blinding her and allowing Coraline to escape. The Beldam is left behind in her world, trapped and likely starving.

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