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Davey Stone

Does Davey Stone count in your case? I know he is the protagonist, but he should still count because he "lives for making [Dukesberry] as miserable as he", and he picks on Whitey for his feet, size, sister and shortness. He is also a bad influence on Benjamin Freedman, the son of his former love interest, Jennifer Friedman. I have no other idea but "Anti-Heroes" when it comes to counting him. He may get arrested twice, but is never imprisoned (the first time because Whitey suggests sentencing him to being a referee-in-training for the Youth League Basketball, and the second time because Jennifer tells everybody to let him [a changed man] talk, due to it being the holidays, and Davey opens up the mayor's eyes to how good Whitey is). Do you have any categories for reformed villains? Thank you.

Interstate2011 17:02, July 10, 2011 (UTC)

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