Stripe is the main antagonist in Gremlins.
Evil Stripe

He is the Gremlin leader who seeks to take control of Kingston Falls. He was spawned from Gizmo when he got wet and as a mogwai, he was still cruel. He was abusive and hostile to Gizmo because he was kind and nice.

He ties up the family dog for an unknown reason. He and the other mogwai Gizmo spawned then trick Billy into letting them feed after Midnight, causing them to transform into Gremlins. They gang up on Gizmo and Stripe throws him into a laundry chute. The other four Gremlins are killed by Billy and his mother, but Stripe escapes and jumps into a swimming pool, causing him to spawn an army of Gremlins that attack Kingston Falls.

He was shown playing a poker game with some other Gremlins and shot one of them because he cheated at the game. When Billy's girlfrien, Kate, finds the Gremlins weakness, which is light, and uses it against them, Stripe watched the scene and screamed in rage.

He was seen then seen in the movie theater with the other Gremlins and watched Snow White. He leaves to et some candy, but when he comes out, he finds that the theater has been blown up by Billy, Kate and Gizmo.

He runs away to find some water, and Billy pursues him. He attacks Billy viciously, even using a chainsaw against him. He eventually finds a water fountain and jumps into it while shooting at Billy with a gun. However, Gizmo drives towards Stripe in a toy car. Stripe laughs and prepars to shoot the mogwai, but Gizmo pulls the blinds, causing sunlight to enter and shine on Stripe, killing him.