Rothbart, also known as Rothbart the Spell-Weaver, is the main antagonist in the 1994 animated film The Swan Princess. He is an evil enchanter who kidnapped and changed Princess Odette into a swan. In Tchaikovski's ballet Swan Lake, he is based on the sorcerer Von Rothbart who transformed the actual princess into a swan, planning to have his own daughter marry the prince.

He was voiced by Jack Palance in the first film, Sean Wright in both the second sequel and the animated computor-animated third sequel.

In the animated movie loosely adapted from the ballet, Rothbart is a vile and greedy court sorcerer who plans to steal the kingdom of Princess Odette's father, King William. While being a cruel and selfish villain, he is also shown to be calm and intelligent, loosing his temper only once in the film.

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