Princess Snake is a minor villain in Dragonball Z. She is a temptress that lives in a palace on the Snake Way.


She is a beautiful woman who has short orange curly hair that sticks up. She has red eyes and wears green eye shadow, she has pointy turquoise ears with huge purple (believably pearl) earrings. Her skin color is turquoise, she wears a dark blue scaley dress and white gloves that go up to her elbows and she wears a long fur boa/scarf.


She lured Goku into her palace. When She first saw Goku she fell in love with him. At this point Goku thought King Kai was woman and complemented her beauty. She blushed and danced the tango with Goku. Goku thought her being King Kai was trying to stall him and find his weak spot. Goku flipped her over wondering how it was so easy. One her servants told Goku who she was and he was about leave. Of course Princess Snake didn't want him to leave so she offered him a feast. Goku accepted. Her servants put an extra ingredient that would make Goku sleep and stay. Goku finished all his food but wasn't tired. Princess Snake's servants told him to take a bath because they said King Kai doesn't like dirty pupils. Goku agreed to take a bath. Princess Snake should up and told her servants to make it a night sky with a special machine so it would make things more romantic with Goku. The Princess asked Goku if he liked her in a special way. There was no answer. She was afraid she boiled him. Goku came up from holding his breath. He got out of the hot tube naked complimenting her for the bath. Princess Snake remarked how it was so embarrassing to see him like that. But she was a little turned on about his body. When Goku was about to go on his way back on Snake Way, Princess Snake transformed into her evil snake goddess form while Goku was inside her stomach. When Goku burst out of her mouth, Princess Snake went in pursuit. Then Goku tricked Princess Snake into getting herself tangled. Then Goku left her tangled as he continued onto Snake Way

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