Nightmare foxy is supporting antagonist in the 1996 Film Five nights at Freddy's 4 and the series golden years, his voice is played by jim cummings  


Nightmare foxy is an animatronic fox, has a hook ( as in the original game) also has a pants and his snout is broken.They hind legs are gray

role in the film 

nightmare foxy and nightmares trio are the secondary antagonist in the first film. They appear in the chris's house where they, under nightmare fredbear's orders, chase chris an attempt to kill and devour them in the first place, but they're Are stopped by the roar of nightmare fredbear , they assist nightmare fredbear carry out his plan to murder spring bonnie (the brother of fredbear) by triggering the rock avalench. Immediately after nightmare fredbear tells tom to run away and nevchriseturn, he orders the animatronics nightmare to slaughter chris as well, but tom gets away from the nightmares as they can't follow him through the thorn-bushes he falls.

When fredbear Is going to rescue chris , nightmare fredbear,tells them that chris will be delivered if he says who was responsible for the death of spring bonnie Few minutes later fredbear nightmare reveals that he was the murderer of his brother and fredbear jumps furiously on the beginning a battle,During the battle nightmare fredbear tries to flee but is cornered by fredbear, betraying his gang

When nightmare foxy, nightmare freddy, nightmare chica and nightmare bonnie overhear nightmare fredbear trying to foist all blame for the events on them to fredbear, claiming that it was all their idea, they alert the rest of the clan of nigthmare fredbear's treachery. After nightmare fredbear is defeated by fredbear, he is surrounded by the nightmares and tries to explain that he didn't really mean what he said, but the nightmares have had enough of his lies, derogatory treatment and broken promises of never going hungry again. Without hesistation, they devour nightmare fredbear and fiercely rip him apart to his death. They run off after this.


  • Nightmare foxy in the port of film He draws a tongue, he does the same thing in the movie
  • In most of his scenes, foxy nightmare appears as a character similar to shenzi, character of the lion king
  • Nightmare foxy keeps a great resemblance to janja of the lion guard
  • Both have the same hair
  • Both are the leaders of his gang
  • nightmare Foxy can be inspired by shenzi of the lion king and janja from the lion guard

References to the character of the lion king 

nightmare Foxy is inspired obviously on shenzi of the lion king, both are the leaders of their clan and that they make the same gestures, in addition, foxy nightmare has a habit of making gestures in the mouth as did shenzi in the lion king

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