NOTE: This page is about Mickey Mouse from South Park, not Disney. Mickey Mouse from South Park is a villain and Mickey Mouse from Disney is not a villain.

You are all ants and I am your destroyer! haha!" ~ Mickey Mouse

Although the real Mickey Mouse is, of course, a hero, there does exist an alternate version of the famous mouse that is far from the cute and innocent mascot we know in reality: that is the Mickey Mouse of South Park.

He is, in truth, a parody of his true self, instead of being good-natured and kind he is vindictive and cruel - yet like many South Park villains he keeps a kind of twisted charm due to his dark humor.

South Park's version of Mickey Mouse has only ever appeared in the episode "The Ring" - which dealt with the controversies of sexuality in bands such as the Jonas Bros.

Mickey Mouse is behind a highly immoral conspiracy to force the Jonas Bros into promoting purity rings in an effort to actually sell sex to young girls while making it seem innocent and pure: unlike the real Mickey Mouse he is also highly sadistic and foul-mouthed, going as far as violently beating the Jonas Bros if they defy him.

Mickey Mouse gets into a confrontation with the South Park boys after his conspiracy starts to threaten their friend Kenny and he believes they were spies from Dreamworks and had them tranquilized and taken prisoner.

Mickey Mouse proceeds to go completely insane, insulting the Jonas Bros fans and Christains while threatening the boys with a chainsaw - during this rant Kyle manages to turn on the microphone while Cartman raises the curtains, exposing Mickey's rant to the entire audience.

When the audience boos and hisses at Mickey Mouse the mascot becomes a demonic destroyer - growing to gigantic size and going on a rampage he proceeds to destroy Denver in a fiery wrath: it is unknown what happens after this but a news reporter sums it up as so:

"and so Mickey Mouse returns to Valhalla, to slumber and feed".

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