Mechagodzilla is one of Godzilla's most famous enemies. He is a mechanical robot who was built by the extra-terrestrial Simians in the image of Godzilla.


Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla

Mechagodzilla was sent down to Earth and attacked. It was in a Godzilla suit so that the humans thought Godzilla was behind the attacks. One of Godzilla's allies, Anguirus, arrived to fight Mechagodzilla, but was beaten by the giant robot and retreated after Mechagodzilla broke his jaw. However, Anguirus was able to tear off a chunk of the suit, revealing metal. The humans realized this was not Godzilla and soon the real Godzilla arrived to fight his mechanical copy. During the fight he burned off Mechagodzilla's suit and revealed it was a robot. However, Mechagodzilla proved to be very powerful and subdued Godzilla before retreating due to damage Godzilla inflicted on him.

Mechagodzilla in the Godzilla suit

After being repaired the the bionic monster then targetted the lion-like monster King Caesar. He hoped to murder Caesar before the monster woke up, but was forced to fight when his opponent awoken. King Caesar had the upper hand by deflecting Mechagodzilla's eye beams, but was beaten sensless in a fist fight. Fortunately, Godzilla arrived on the scene for a rematch. Mechagodzilla released his entire artillery and the two Earth monsters were having little options. Godzilla had beens truck by lightning earlier and it gave him a magnetic pull. He used it to pull Mechagodzilla to him and they became stuck together. King Caesar went on the offensive and hit Mechagodzilla, and Godzilla finished his clone by twisting his head off.

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