Ice Cream Monster
The Ice Cream Monster was a giant creature made of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream sent by the Delightful Children From Down the Lane against Sector V of the KND, the primary heroes of Kids Next Door.

First, it stomped over Numbuh 2, covering him. Then he nailed Numbuh 1 into the wall with ice cream cones before spitting cream (and a cherry) over Numbuh 5. Finally he fudged Numbuh 4 in a tank of chocolate. It was melted by Numbuh 3 when she set the Tasty Taste Ice Cream Factory heater to "Like, eleventy billion degrees". The wave of melted ice cream destroyed the factory, dragging everyone with it.

It resembles and made fun of Bowser, the primary villain of the Nintendo video game series, "Super Mario" (Super Mario Bros.).&nbsp