Dragon and Baboon

Dragon is the main antagonist of the show, "Skunk Fu". He is a purple and black male, Chinese Dragon capable of breathing fire. He is the only character on the show that features a pair of glowing white eyes. Dragon is diabolical and extremely hatable. Yet in the main back story, he was once a protagonist.

Dragon was once a good person who, believe it or not, was the best friend of Panda. When he was young he was given the job of being Heaven's guardian to the animals. However one day Heaven sent a horrible drought to test Dragon's loyalty. Dragon could not bear to watch his friends die and, despite Panda's warnings, used his power of water to make it rain. Of course when he did this Heaven was angered and punished him for his arrogance by taking away his power to fly and made his once beautiful scales black and ugly.

For some reason, Dragon attacked the animals and blamed them for his punishment, chasing them from the mountain with his power of fire. In this rampage he ended up burning a mysterious Lotus Flower which took away his power of water, burning him with his own fire. He retreated into the icy lake of Lung mountain to sooth his burns.

In his anger and hatred Dragon blames the animals for his punishment and plots to destroy them completely, raging war. He has a tendency to blame others for things that are sometimes even his own fault, or if he's just mad. He seems to still have respect towards Panda and also misses his old life as seen in The Art of Kung Fruit. Being the dragon that he is his temper gets outrageous with almost everybody, even his own minions. Dragon is very persistent about destroying the animals and will do anything to destroy them. In the art of dream control, we learn he hates blueberries.


Dragon is a tall,large,evil,ex-good,Dragon. he used to be good,though he was punished by heaven for his arrogance. and plots to destroy everyone with the valley. Dragon's plans fail,when skunk and his friends stop him and his plans everytime.


  • The only move he seems to be able to do in his cave is breathe fire. Though he still regains his power to give commands to Baboon and the Ninja monkeys.
  • He is also shown in numerous episodes to have magic on his side. In the Art of Luck he was able to gain the powers of the Jinx's palm and fortunate palm. While in the Art of Stealing he is shown to use crystal in a lot of his spells. He will often use these crystals or spells in his plans to destroy the valley.
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