Dona Florinda is an evil antagonist from the Mexican TV show El Chavo Del Ocho. she is a very arrogant person, always looking down on her neighbors, which she calls la Chusma She is a widow, living from the pension of her deceased husband, who was a sailor. She has a son, named Kiko, which she over spoils, always giving everything he wants. Because of this, her son is always picked on by the other kids, usually ending with him calling for his mom. Don Ramon, one of her neighbors, usually tries to end the fights between the kids, but always falls victim of Florinda's bad temper, being slapped in the face almost every time the two meet. This obviously earned Florinda a bad reputation amongst her neighbors, earning not so cool nicknames from the kids. She is in love with Professor jirafales, the teacher of the kids, and when the two met is the only time she is not picking on anyone, maybe because she is too infatuated to think of anything else.&nbsp
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