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Darla Dimple

Darla Dimple is a popular and spoiled, yet talented, child actor that hates animals (especially talented ones like Danny and Sawyer). She is the the movie's main villian and she tries to sabotage Danny and his animal friends attempts for stardom. If you ask me, Darla is pretty unbelievable for a villian, especially because she's the only villain I know that is a little girl.

Feature Films: Cats Don't Dance

Goal: To get rid of Danny and his friends

Home: Hollywood

Friends: Max and other villains

Enemies: Danny, Sawyer, Pudge, Cranston Goat, Tillie Hippo, Francis Albacore, T.W. Turtle, Flanigan, L.B. Mammoth and Woolie the Mammoth

Likes: Singing, dancing, acting, fame and fortune

Dislikes: Animals, losing her job, Danny and his friends

Powers and abilities: None

Weapons: Her bare hands

Fate: Gets dropped down a trapdoor by Pudge and starts working as a janitor and having a "The End" poster fall on her

Quotes: "I...HATE...ANIMALS! (points to Danny) Especially that one!"