Baron Dark is the main villain and final boss of the game Skeleton Warriors. At the beginning of the game, he is seen breaking into the royal palace in the city of Luminicity, and breaking the Lightstar Crystal in two halves. He only manages to escape with one half of the crystal, and the evil in his heart turns the crystal dark, the power of this new dark crystal turns the Baron into an undead skeleton and grants him power over the 'Skeleton Legion', an army of undead soldiers. The Baron is however not satisfied with the power he has been given and knows that were he to gain control of the other half of the crystal, he would have limitless power and could rule the entire planet. He therefore decides to use his newfound powers to attack Luminicity, where the other half of the crystal is being guarded by the Legion of Light. However, his forces prove to be no match for the mighty Prince Lightstar, who eventually reaches the Baron's fortress and challenges him. The two do battle and Baron Dark is eventually defeated. In a cut-scene at the very end of the game, we see the Baron's dismembered skeleton hand crawling along the floor, perhaps indicating that somehow the Baron still lives, however no sequels to Skeleton Warriors have ever been produced, and so the fate of Baron Dark will forever remain a mystery.

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